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Updated information from Rexton Lotus Justice podcast about her courtroom experience today.

Lotus Justice – Teacher & Light Worker

On October 05, 2020, I witnessed the most vile amongst us. He sat on his throne as if king on high. Judge David Young made a pronouncement before his realm as to his character and standing within that realm. He was willing to sacrifice the life of an elder to maintain control over [his] court. This is my witnessing of the “trial” for Lotus Justice on that day.  

The five travelers were sitting shoulder to shoulder bare faced naked on the pew behind where Lotus was to sit. The powers that be weren’t concerned with distancing requirements, face diapers however were required. We were first approached by the bailiff to place our masks on. Judy, the mother of Lotus, had a doctor’s letter – in her hand – exempting her from wearing a mask due to breathing problems. The bailiff threw a mini temper tantrum and stormed back to inform the deputies. The deputies then descended upon the five travelers and we were instructed to leave the court room.

They weren’t ready for Lotus anyway. The floor attorneys were busy practicing their dark art outside of court, in the hallways.  Plea deals out the ass were occurring all around me. There were a lot of backroom dealings between the attorneys and their clients. Now I know why it’s called the Court of Common Pleas. People were pleading for some semblance of justice for their loved ones and themselves while attorneys were pleading for their next meal ticket. Disgusting fucking attorneys.

We were called back in for the Lotus experiment.

The man (Judge Young) hiding behind the mask of state sitting on high decided to play god. Judy, the elder was forced to wear a face covering despite her medical condition. She had a written exemption – in her hand – which the bailiff refused to show to the man god. This exemption from her doctor precluded her from wearing a mask. The false god didn’t care if she could breathe or not. That’s what false god’s do. They place self-importance over the lives of others. They are in service to self instead of service to others.

In fact, the man behind the mask of state gave us all an ultimatum; he proclaimed his fiefdom over free people. “This is my court,” blah blah blah. For the sake of Lotus Justice we all complied with the mask mandate. Can someone please tell this empty suit that: “A judge is not the court. People v. Zajic, 88 Ill.App.3d 477, 410 N.E.2d 626 (1980).” 

Lotus appeared with hands tied, literally and figuratively. I felt honored to be in her presence. She is needlessly suffering for all of us. Sometimes, truth is a hard pill to swallow.

Behind Lotus sat a payee of state. To her right sat another payee of state. See how this is adding up? The State of Ohio now has two people on their payroll. The public defender was forced onto the Lotus Justice case. The Prosecuting Attorney was selected to defend the State of Ohio by whatever means necessary.

There was some initial squabble from the Law Enforcement Officer (prosecutor/state defender) concerning an Order for an evaluation that had not taken place prior to the mock “trial.” Mr. Dehnart stood up and proceeded to babble. He was quickly shut down by Lotus. Lotus told the court that he was not her peon and that he was a peon for the court, sorry don’t remember the exact words. He sank back into his chair.

I waited with hopeless breath for this Law Enforcement Officer (prosecutor/state defender Marla Farbacher) to actually tell the truth. Not on my watch. She did after all, have a fiduciary duty as a Law Enforcement Officer to report crimes. I guess some crimes just aren’t worth enforcing especially when committed by the State.

Why didn’t this Officer of the Court tell Judge Young that there was no warrant for arrest, that the Warrant to Search was undated and unsigned by a judge, that an Agent conducted a Warrant to Search knowing the warrant was undated and unsigned, that a plea was forged, or that a bailiff has been signing her signature in place of a judges signature, to name a few; all criminal acts according the Ohio codes. Attorney Marla Farbacher committed in front of a selective Enforcer of Law.

Attorney Steve Dehnart had a responsibility to report as well. He can go to any judge to report a crime. But so far this creep has kept his pie hole closed. When you’re on the state dole, mums the word.  

But worst of all, the horrendous siege on the family home on July 17 by paramilitary mercenaries was downright disgusting. Our country is in peril. 

Mark Passio posed this question: Who is more morally culpable; the order givers or the order followers?

The family needs your support. Lotus Justice is a political prisoner with a $2 MILLION dollar bail. She has spent years walking the law for your benefit. What she has uncovered throughout the years should be a wake-up call to each and every one of us. If you don’t know Lotus Justice I suggest you do a little research for yourself. This may be difficult though because YouTube removed her life’s work from the net after her arrest. Wonder who ordered the removal?

Franklin County Court of Common Pleas – 20 CR 003470 – Monica Justice

They tried to kill her once. Will they try again?

Witness Debbie Simpson

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