Audio Post man arrested for not Wearing a mask.

FWD: FWD: FWD: Post this request on all your social media : ‘ is asking all caring people who value freedom to be a courtroom observer for Pete Harding , arrested for trespass after explaining to staff at a retail store that he is unable to wear a mask . A lack of communication among store staff led to one employee asking Pete to wait in the front of the store , while another employee called the Cheektowaga police , unbeknownst to Pete . He was never actually asked to leave the store , which he would have been happy to comply with . His appearance is scheduled for shortly after 10:00am on Monday Oct. 26 at the Cheektowaga town court , we are arriving between 9:30-10 , early is good in case they start a little early . Your presence not only helps Pete avoid a possible 3 month jail sentence , it makes a statement to a governnent which is out of control and oppressive . Thank you for standing together with Pete , it may be you someday who needs support .’

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