Audio Post: Eric the Freedom Screamer reports from Buffalo Bills NFL Stadium protest against Mandatory Masks and business shutdowns!

Absolutely unbelievably epic protest/party/freedomfest , in support of Buffalo buisness owners ! There stood the massive empty Buffalo Bills football stadium which looks like a ghost town with cobwebs and tumbleweeds . Directly across the street were 500 patriots , buisness owners , combat veterens , freedom fighters , political activists , political candidates , men ,women , children , dogs , signs saying Cuomo sucks , flags saying Dont Tread on Me , speeches , bullhorning , music , weight lifting equipment with people pumping iron , almost all of the local presstitute media radio & TV stations , thousands of cars honking their horns , people hanging out of their cars screaming freedom , an enormous tow truck with a zillion flashing colored lights , and much , much more .

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