Covid virus vaccine causes zombie effects on dead mammals!

So get this CV19 vaccines cause a zombie infection. Yes it’s looking like the animals that they have tested the vaccine on have died been buried and are now coming back to life or zombie state life
KJ21 Revelation 9:6
And in those days shall men seek death, and shall not find it; and shall desire to die, and death shall flee from them.

According to many sources across the Internet this morning Covid vaccine testing on Mink has caused dead Mink to come alive after being buried in Denmark

Voice of America › hundreds-z…Web resultsHundreds of ‘Zombie Mink’ Resurfacing from Mass Graves …2 days ago — Dead mink were tipped into trenches at a military area in western Denmark and covered with 2 meters of soil. But …You visited this page on 11/29/20.CBS News › news › zombie-mi…Thousands of mink culled over COVID fears rise from a mass grave in …3 days ago — Copenhagen — A rushed cull of Denmark’s mink over … dubbing 2020 “the year of the zombie mutant killer minks.” › 2020/11 › zom…Zombie minks rise from the dead after culling due to coronavirus …3 days ago — COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) — Some of the thousands of mink culled to minimize the risk of them re-transmitting  …The Guardian › world › nov › c…Culled mink rise from the dead to Denmark’s horror | Denmark | The …5 days ago — Culled mink rise from the dead to Denmark’s horror … “the year of the zombie mutant killer mink” and another calling …Forbes › roberthart › 2020/11/27Denmark Wants To Exhume ‘Zombie Mink’ Rising From Mass Graves …1:113 days ago — Zombie mink are not the only mink to have seemingly escaped the Covid-19 cull, with an official at the Danish …Fox News › world › zombie-mi…’Zombie minks’ in Denmark that were killed to stop spread of coronavirus …4 days ago — Minks infected with a mutated strain of the novel coronavirus appeared to rise from the grave this week after …WION › world › denmark-to-di…Denmark to dig up ‘zombie mink’ that resurfaced from mass graves, World …3 days ago — The macabre phenomenon was observed in a military training field outside the western town of Holstebro, where …New York Daily News › worldDenmark moves toward digging up ‘zombie mink’ – New York Daily News3 days ago — The agriculture minister in Denmark said Friday that he wants to dig up mink the country killed over coronavirus fears, a …U.S. News & World Report › de…Denmark Wants to Dig up ‘Zombie Mink’ That Resurfaced From Mass …3 days ago — Dead mink were tipped into trenches at a military area in western Denmark and covered with two metres of soil. But  …

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