Audio Post Rexton Lotus Justice talks with studio1776 About the inauguration and future of America

2 thoughts on “Audio Post Rexton Lotus Justice talks with studio1776 About the inauguration and future of America

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  1. Daniel, there was a comment by Carlos Castorani Jr. A few months back in one of your blog posts, Re-reading it after all that has conspired in the past couple weeks has opened my eyes extremely. Both sides, same coin. The aristocracy split into two factions long ago and what we are seeing is a war for power between the two and HOW it will be done. Biden is the scenic route to Sodom and Gomorrah, where as Trump would have taken us into Police State rapidly. Morals and Dogma vs The Protocols of Elders of Zion, Scottish rite vs York rite. It’s up to us to bring change upon this realm. The Heroes Journey is actually an astrological metaphor, which the Elites have full knowledge of and pay homage by acting it out on the worlds stage. They want us to war during a time that it is forbidden, when that event plays out, many will be pulled into the pit for warring while others will ride out on a strand of light for walking the line of equity and peace. The path is narrow and is located in the middle of the two pillars (The battle between Fire and Water/Solar and Lunar) The story of Samson and The two pillars that held the house up represent the two polar opposites, Ying and Yang, good and evil, left and right etc. These two pillars come down and then Samson dies, this represents how when someone dies the polar opposites collapse and they gain back everything that they lost when they entered the body, we can look at this also as a metaphor for walking the middle path of equity once we destroy the pillars of polarization. There is for sure a plan to enslave humanity by the Babylonian priesthood who have sneakily slipped into each Age, infiltrating and disguising themselves to continue their agenda. We may or may not be here to witness the dismantling of this ancient “spiderweb” but perhaps we can aid in the unraveling of it by spreading awareness of these truths. I appreciate you greatly for trying to awaken the masses and for putting yourself out there knowing how dirty these corrupted entities play. You go Danger Dan! I religiously check and listen for Lotus to speak, I feel she is a main component in starting the beginning of the end. Love conquers all! Namasté

    1. […Y Torus – will u, can u, copy/paste
      Carlos Castorani Jr. ‘s commnt
      so tht we cn read/research
      it ALSO plz!!!??? …]

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