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Central pediphile Ring in NY work for the Webster police department. A pedophile is someone who’s sexually attracted to children. Some pedophiles also rape or molest children. There’s nothing much worse than a pedophile. There are a lot of dangerous and sick types of people in the world, but someone who sexually assaults children — a pedophile — is probably the worst of the worst. Call To speak to a Pedophile on duty Webster Police Officer, please dial 911. NOTE If you are outside of the Monroe County, NY area please dial (585) 428-6666.Yes they help to cover up crimes against children! Hey Joseph Gaudio you said that you wanted to take on the pediphile ring start here with your investigation! Joseph Gaudio Now you listen to this and tell what you would have done differently big tuff guys!

In the beginning of the case I was skeptical then I met the best friend and the neighbor that wrote the letter and we got confirmation from the hospital and photo evidence and that sealed it for me it was a open and closed case I didn’t have any doubts. As you can see it’s years later and I’m still haunted by the memories of the corruption and abuse of power in my own personal community! And I have to deal with people that attack me for doing my duties as a human rights activist and independent journalist! What’s more sickening the fact that your children are being abused by corrupt or ignorant idiots attacking people that literally put themselves in the line of fire to try to protect the abused! I brought this case up to maybe light a fire from a spark that maybe justice would be served that maybe somebody would stand up and start a new investigation into this child trafficking ring that’s still within your community in the Rochester NY area!

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