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Patrick Hall American Ninja Warrior Founder of hybrid Ninja Academy Being attacked by NY Studio1776

My name is Patrick Hall. After 2 seasons on NBC’s hit show, American Ninja Warrior; it was clear to me that more people should have the opportunity to experience what the sport had given me. In 2015, I founded The Hybrid Ninja Academy, a place for kids to grow physically, mentally and emotionally. After enduring the painful lockdowns of 2020, as only the fortunate businesses were able to; I reopened with a passion- a vigor to help children through this difficult time. I was harassed and issued a citation on 4/29/21 by Michael Heintz of The Erie County Heath Department for allowing parents to decide whether or not to mask their childrens’ faces during exercise. On 5/6/21, I was again harassed by the Health Department for offering freedom of choice, this time, by Rebecca Henry. This is my story. Feel free to share it, and stand by my side, in the fight for the health of our children.   Patrick Hall Phall9@me.com https://www.hybridninjaacademy.com/
  1. Patrick Hall American Ninja Warrior Founder of hybrid Ninja Academy Being attacked by NY
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