Medically Kidnapped for Havana Syndrome

🚨 5 targets I know of are in peril. Please pray for them. And some may need legal or medical advocacy, or assistance w/legal tasks (due to constant harassment & hacking, their devices often illegally blocked from connecting):
-Lauren Burch – hospitalized: bullets still not removed from the shooting about a week ago; her legs still needing surgery & the gaping openings needing closed, while they show symptoms of being actively irradiated nonstop; this human rights activist is fighting for life & limb! She needs a lawyer & medical advocacy. Plus she’s an African-American woman – & it goes without saying after of course hundreds of years of racist history in this country that that is an inherent risk factor putting her in the endangered category even in 2021;
-John Ketchum – hospitalized: U.S. military veteran being viciously thermally burned with directed energy weapons in his hospital bed, causing wounds & trouble walking; hospital staff reportedly refusing to do minor medical interventions & in the recent past other medical facility not giving him effective appropriate physical rehabilitation; he falls in the category of veterans being tortured & destroyed, which alone puts him in an at-risk category; he is a kind & intelligent person;
-Val Nez TI – her legal issues are not finished though she is out of jail where she had been initially placed without a warrant though a warrant was claimed; she has a coming court date in which she needs to defend herself against an attempt to get a gag order which is not good for the survival of any stalking/harassment/torture victim as their story needs to be told, especially while their life is in danger; right now the best thing people can do may be to simply donate to her fundraiser which is pinned on my social media. It’s life & death on the reservation. Don’t let Val become another Missing or Murdered Indigenous Woman!
-Anna Taylor – Anna’s legal issues are not finished; she has to defend herself against a setup with false charges as well; she needs court observers in Connecticut in the future (as everyone does! court observers are needed everywhere, it’s the bare minimum we can do); she may need help with legal tasks if I & others are not available;
-Deb Olsen – she is a serious serious whistleblower who is also a victim of stalking/harassment/military-grade exotic weapon attacks; she is very ill, has not gotten anywhere near the support with anything for her life that can help offset the horrifible electromagnetic attacks which have made her at times unable to walk & put her in a walker even before her new sickness; her speaking out about horrific crimes by people in power has put her life in grave danger & I do not exaggerate; she needs prayer & I’m not sure what else but she deserves our heartfelt support in any way possible.

What else do the above people have in common? They all help & care about others despite their own seemingly-insurmountable situations. We know this is not always rewarded nowadays but they do it anyway. They are an example to the rest of us.

Thank you for reading. I am in a housing crisis, but I try to advocate for people as best I can or at least pass the ball to you guys! We must come together as a community on the spot, whenever needed, while daily unconventional warfare is waged on us & the rest of the unknowing populace. Please do what you can or reach out to (or continue to reach out to) people you know are in peril. You would want the same. I will try to also get specifics on what everyone can do. Sometimes one small thing, done by many, can tip the scales. Advocating for someone or helping them out of a legal setup can help save their very life. Spread the word, ask for prayer, keep them in your thoughts, let’s hold onto these members of our community.

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