Audio Post Interview with Medically Kidnapped veteran John Ketchum

🚨EMERGENCY – Spread far & wide (Copy/Paste as I could be shadowbanned) & please put quotes & credit me as the source: ==>>>John Ketchum was fraudulently put into the psych ward today. He was brutally DEW-tortured at a VA Hospital in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. So they’re claiming he care for himself. Anyone who cares about human beings & veterans please help. I can’t do it all. His life is in danger!

I’m in a terrible safety situation regarding my housing, & being tortured every day with DEWs while people are dying rapidly in my circle & extended circle.

I need people to join efforts to get him out. They’re taking his phone now, our call was just cut.

We need a team like Lauren Burch had. People need to come together. It’s too much to expect me to do it all when I don’t have a stable safe home myself right now. Do people care about John? Please help. I helped on so many cases & it takes over my life. I cannot neglect myself. I was focusing on my housing while being tortured & targeted. I live out of bags & don’t even know where my notes on his case are. ***I need a list of Havana Syndrome investigators, VA investigators, legislative representatives etc. who we can ALL contact.*** Let me tell you, I got yelled at by some clinic director type already. Some of the staff can be extremely difficult & John already said someone lied about him to get him in that mental hospital!

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