Gettr App as bad as Facebook censorship gettr is Big tech in wolves clothes!

I was recently on Gettr app trying to make post’s and tried to make a comment on a post someone made and both times my account was not allowed to make a post or allowed to make a comment.

I wasn’t giving a warning or anything to explain why my account is no longer allowed to post. You see Gettr has no idea that I am a blogger and have my own independent social media website at

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Gettr is a social media platform and microblogging site founded by Jason Miller, a former Donald Trump aide. Miller said Getter is “for everyone across the political spectrum” to come together and have debates as per the First Amendment. He also stated it was designed to be “cancel-free.” Wikipedia
Owner: GETTR USA, Inc
CEO: Jason Miller
Date launched: July 1, 2021
Founded: 2021
Headquarters: New York, U.S.
Type of site: Social networking service
Native client(s) on: iOS, Android, Web

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