3 thoughts on “E.Connect w/ us

  1. I live in Asheville North Carolina, I am a 22 year old female. Starting a little over two years ago I began getting the “Tourette’s symptoms” but I would call them “jerks” because my body would uncontrollably move. I would never know how long it would last hours, days or weeks. First time it happened I went to the hospital, I was scared because I couldn’t stop it. The doctor came in said it was stress and sent me home with a sleeping pill. I do not believe it is stress, even when I am happy, feel like there is no worie in the world it will just start up. It is scary for myself. I don’t want anyone to see me like that. I don’t go out as much, I scared to get a job because it can just happen anytime. When I get these “ticks”, jerks I can’t feed myself, brush my teeth or really play with my children, I have also caused marks on myself from these “ticks” jerks. My body does what it wants, I even do it int sleep. I have been to my doctors told him what goes on, he doesn’t know what it is. I felt like others though I was making it up. People have seen me jerking for two years. It is not a everyday thing for me, it does come and go often and last some time. I do not think people are telling the truth, all of a sudden people have it because it was on T.V, that’s messed up. No one should what whatever this is just because of the attenchen. This has happen to me for two years and it has still not went away. I have proof for what I am saying. People have been getting flu shots for years and never a react has happen untill recently, I don’t get the flu shot and I really don’t think it causes these “ticks”! The flu shot hasn’t changed. I would love to know what this is and how to make it stop because it does interfear with my life!

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