Get ready for FEMA death camps conservative Christians and any resistance to the New World Order.

I have been saying this for awhile now and that’s why my friends call me Danger Dan. I’m now starting to see more people like myself speaking out even though they have a good chance to be hit with censorship on Facebook and Twitter. My website has been completely banned on all mainstream social media websites across the world. Anyways I’ll provide updates for this posts to verify the claims from Judi Marie Rogers as she replies to me in her comments feed on Facebook. I’m well aware that many of our subscribers are not on mainstream social media websites.

CV19 The infection is in the injection

Iv been telling all of you that the the CV19 Vaccines are the final last blow to the depopulation agenda of the Satanic Globalists. It has Nano Technology that’s gonna kill you. Don’t believe me just watch! #Studio1776

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Don’t be fooled by controlled opposition Patience is the key.

During the next civil war sit it out wait until the dust settles and then when they say who the leadership will be that’s when the real patriots strike after all them controlled opposition kill them selves off and steal victory from the mouth of defeat. If somebody who’s a secret society member tries to lead you well that’s the Enemy. Be careful who you trust because the Judas goat will lead you into a trap.

Grassroots Intel report the peoples Voice!

Our website is opening up a opportunity for our global community to join our team as a true independent grassroots Intel center we are giving people a chance to report information from the giving the people a voice!  Call this number and give your best report to our community of subscribers if it’s relevant and has reliable sources of information, we’ll keep it on our website.  You don’t have to use your name you can use a nickname such as anonymous reporting your information for our subscribers to hear!
1 (713) 574-9075
Enter: 4900891

Argentine Journalist close to Bergoglio says NWO will be established after Coronavirus — FromRome.Info

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo April, 2, 2020: There are two disturbing warnings from opposite ends of the world. The first was given by Don Minutella, the famous priest of Palermo who publicly called Bergoglio out as a heretic more than 2 years ago. He said he acted on the basis of inspirations received from Our […]

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List of FEMA Camps — The Truthers Journal

List of FEMA Camps Do you live near a FEMA Camp? What is F.E.M.A. ? “Federal Emergency Management Agency” What is the Federal Emergency Management Agency? Simply put, it is the “secret government”. This agency has powers and authority that go well beyond any other agency in the nation. What can FEMA do? It can […]

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Possible firefight between AMERICAN and Russian SUBMARINE leaving one TORPEDOED AND SUNK OFF ALASKA COAST.

Multiple sources reported on social media last night that a firefight broke out during a NATO military drill.

I got info on Facebook from a friend who is a good source for information on a regular basis and I wanted to wait for more information before posting anything to this website. Here’s my initial post on Facebook text Screenshot_20190703-043624


MAJOR UPDATE hey guys looks like some really crazy stuff is happening right now as we speak or as you reading this will keep you updated. I can’t find anything on Google about it but I’m getting information from sources close to what’s happening. 

“According to Israeli intel sources, Russia has just responded by torpedo and sinking a U.S. sub off the coast of Alaska. Stewart Waterhouse

Also now appears that Trump was secreted away from the White House to unconfirmed location.”

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