Audio Post medically kidnapped military veteran John Ketchum seeking help.

🚨EMERGENCY – Spread far & wide (Copy/Paste as I could be shadowbanned) & please put quotes & credit me as the source: ==>>>John Ketchum was fraudulently put into the psych ward today. He was brutally DEW-tortured at a VA Hospital in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. So they’re claiming he care for himself. Anyone who cares about human beings & veterans please help. I can’t do it all. His life is in danger!

I’m in a terrible safety situation regarding my housing, & being tortured every day with DEWs while people are dying rapidly in my circle & extended circle.

I need people to join efforts to get him out. They’re taking his phone now, our call was just cut.

We need a team like Lauren Burch had. People need to come together. It’s too much to expect me to do it all when I don’t have a stable safe home myself right now. Do people care about John? Please help. I helped on so many cases & it takes over my life. I cannot neglect myself. I was focusing on my housing while being tortured & targeted. I live out of bags & don’t even know where my notes on his case are. ***I need a list of Havana Syndrome investigators, VA investigators, legislative representatives etc. who we can ALL contact.*** Let me tell you, I got yelled at by some clinic director type already. Some of the staff can be extremely difficult & John already said someone lied about him to get him in that mental hospital!

Audio Post medically kidnapped military veteran John Ketchum seeking help.

Activist Anna Taylor is facing Medical kidnapping once again!

🙏Prayer request: Anna Taylor has court Tuesday. Please pray she gets her case sorted out without getting locked up, without false conviction of burglary (or breaking & entering) over an illegal lockout & domestic dispute. We need a serious turnaround of the case.

📞🚨 Emergency Phone Blitz for Anna Taylor! Numbers below. Please spread this far & wide as fast as possible. We need as many people to call as possible because Anna has court again – today 10/19/21 10AM. GA10 district, New London, Connecticut. 112 Broad Street. Ask to drop the charges! Meanwhile she needs time to establish her case (present witnesses, submit evidence). It was an illegal lockout during a civil dispute. They are calling it felony burglary when there was no intent to commit any crime. Breaking & entering is an incorrect charge too – Anna was living there for months.There is also an element of grave slander in this case to try to make her look mentally ill (& open the door to probate, asset theft, forced vaccination, forced drugging potentially causing brain damage etc.), & it looks like a setup. She is being railroaded into felony charges from a civil dispute w/her boyfriend with whom she had a child. The building owner is the one pressing charges. Anna is of sound mind, not a danger to herself or others.
=>Prosecutor Sarah Steere 860.443.8444
=>Judge Edward V. O’Hanlan, Superior Court Judge. 860.443.8343
=>Archbishop His Excellency Leonard Paul Blair. 860.541.6491
=>Vicar General Steven Boguslawski 860.249.8431
History of advocacy for Anna from Courtroom Watch:
Thank you for your help!

please call Sean Tiernan the public defender at Office 860.443.5356 and Mobile 860.501.9691 X4032 (voicemail says full for Office & Mobile picks up) & tell him you’ve known her X number of years & that she’s of sound mind & not a danger to herself or others. Docket no. K10K-CR21-0372339-S


Filed 10/14/21

Audio Post Kim Ath targeted individual.

Part 1

Part 2

“Interview with Targeted Victim Kim Arth: Kim was picked out at church by a man who claimed he had been an independent contractor for the government. He claimed he worked in ABC’s – atomic, biological, and chemical. She was forced into the hospital where a team of Mengele-like doctors were waiting for her, to do non-consensual human experimentation by putting implants in her. It seems they may have been trying to set her up to be an active shooter. They were trying to get a gun in her hand. It kind of looked like it was some sort of government setup to push forward anti-gun legislation. Now she has this technology all over her body, is being tortured by it, and can get no legal redress.”

photos from her Melinda Kidder scan plus the entire scan report from her. I will put the photos here & the full scan report in your Facebook Messenger. Please it would be great if you can upload the whole 30-page document for ppl to download and read as evidence supporting her claims.

forgot bout catholic church tryin 2 hide forces from round the world r goin 2 comeup from underground & take over this country



To contact Kim Ath phone

+1 (218) 298-2863

Kim Arth links: – Ramola D interview – Meegs B interview in 18 parts – follow the links. She wasn’t allowed to upload it as one file. – “Note on the Kimberly Arth Interview” from Meegs B – Wrap-Up chat with Kim Arth: Dire Realities We Face NOW (2 parts)

The gates of hell are various places on the surface of the worldthat have acquired a legendary reputation for being entrances to the underworld. Often they are found in regions of unusual geological activity, particularly volcanic areas, or sometimes at lakes, caves, or mountains.

Gates of hell

The gates of hell are various places on the surface of the worldthat have acquired a legendary reputation for being entrances to the underworld. Often they are found in regions of unusual geological activity, particularly volcanic areas, or sometimes at lakes, caves, or mountains.

#biomedical, #nonconsensualhumanexperimentation, #mkultra, #medicalfraud, #organharvesting, #microchip, #trafficking, #malpractice, #implants, #wban, #iot, #surgery, #blackmarket #Minnesota, #SanfordHospital, #Alomere, #NorthDakota, #Fargo, #Satanism, #OperationPaperclip

#torture, #assault, #crimevictims, #Freemasons

#biomedical, #nonconsensualhumanexperimentation, #mkultra, #medicalfraud, #organharvesting, #microchip, #trafficking, #malpractice, #implants, #wban, #iot, #surgery, #blackmarket #torture, #assault, #crimevictims, #Freemasons

Trump Patriot arrested and charged for January 6th Capital invasion!

Click to view video :

Emergency phone blitz for political prisoner Pete Harding ! Arrested by the FBI in Buffalo WITHOUT BEING CHARGED WITH ANY CRIME , Pete is reportedly being moved to the Batavia Detention federal facility in Batavia NY, Genesee County . This facility is an immigration detention center and Pete is not safe there . Please call 585-344-6500 and follow the instructions to leave a message for an inmate . Ask for a return call and inquire : how is his physical condition , any injuries ? What are the charges and who is the victim ? Be polite and professional , we do not want to damage Pete’s standing as an honorable man and good friend . Also call the federal courthouse in Buffalo to find out when his court appearance is taking place : 716-551-1700 Please try to add some money to Petes phone account so he can talk to his lawyers & friends . Ask how to add funds when you call the jail . We are attempting to leave lots of messages tonight , fill up their voicemailbox , and then follow-up calls tomorrow . Help to ‘Free Pete Harding’ Please post & fwd this everywhere . Thank you !

FWD: FWD: Pete is being released ! He is required to have electronic monitoring , but least he is going home . Thanks to everyone who is supporting Pete , the charges are misdemeanors , the federal version of trespassing & doing damage to government property . His next appearance is Tuesday at 1 pm .

FWD: It appears they cannot prove he actually did damage , nor can they prove he unlawfully remained . I think its all meant to scare other patriots and its not working . Its waking people up and causing them to lose all confidence in government . Since when is a battering ram used to break down a door at 5 am for a misdemeanor ?

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