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Allodial title constitutes ownership of real property (land, buildings, and fixtures) that is independent of any superior landlord. Allodial title is related to the concept of land held “in allodium“, or land ownership by occupancy and defense of the land.

Audio Post Update from Rexton Lotus Justice the inside scoop of the coup d’etat

Coup d’état – Wikipedia

· info); French: [ku deta], literally “blow of state”; plural: coups d’état, pronounced like the singular form; also known simply as an overthrow, takeover, or putsch) is the removal of an existing government from power, usually through violent means.

Audio Post JFK Jr Vincent Fusca Referenced Rexton Lotus Justices case 18-5369 on Twitter. Trump Knows!

Rexton Lotus Justice Vincent Fusca, one of the disguises believed to be concealing the true identity of John F. Kennedy Jr, was seen cheering with the crowd behind President Trump holding a red “Peaceful Protestor” Rally on 9, 22, 2020.

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