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The Oathkeepers are Just a few hours away from putting a “defend the Constitution” NASCAR on the track!

The Oathkeepers are 10 hours away from putting a "defend the Constitution" NASCAR on the track!
The Oathkeepers are 10 hours away from putting a “defend the Constitution” NASCAR on the track!

The Oathkeepers are just hours away from putting a “defend the Constitution” NASCAR on the track!

All they need is around $4,000 more to make it, and over 1.5 Million fans will see the message of liberty!

Join in sharing this picture around the world, and donate 5, 10, or $20 to help WAKE UP America. Please share, like, and spread this picture, and join in defending the Constitution from the streets to the track!


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How America is becoming like the NCAA

ncaa basketball

How America is becoming like the NCAA

By Daniel Brigman Copyright 2013

I was 9 years old when Michael Jordan hit a jumper from the left side to beat Georgetown for the NCAA championship.  It was more than a game.  It was a way for my father and me to connect.  The next year we watched NC State upset Houston in ultra-dramatic fashion.  I was hooked.  I still love March Madness.  Even my wife loves to fill out the brackets.  It is fun.  As I got older I started to see it a little differently.

Sports are business…plain and simple.  Yes, they are entertainment, but the bottom line is they are business.  What the nine year old didn’t understand the 40 year old does.   Seemingly every adult realizes this…unless you work for the NCAA.  They have created the illusion of amateur athletics but continue to shuffle Billions upon Billions into the corporate and University coffers.   David Copperfield has nothing on the magic trick they are pulling off.

I have come into contact with and known several high-caliber college athletes.  A couple have even “gone pro.”  What they might have not known at the time is that they were already pro …they just weren’t getting paid for it.  Two years ago the NCAA signed an agreement with CBS Sports and Turner Broadcasting for exclusive rights to show the March Madness Tournament games.  They agreed on a price of 10.8 BILLION dollars.  Over 740 Million annually.  That is just for the 3 week span in March.

If this was true collective bargaining the 347 Division I schools would each get about 2 million a year from this windfall to support their programs.  This is the only intellectually and morally consistent position the NCAA could take and not come off hyper-hypocritical.  But, as most know, that is not how the money is split up.  Through a series of “administrative decisions” the money trickles down in some convoluted money scheme that always seems to favor the top.

That’s ok I suppose.  It is their decision to make, it’s a business.  But don’t use these young men in your scheme.  A few months ago I had a fairly high profile athlete at my house for dinner.  He is on National TV helping his University make money several times a year.  He will probably “go pro.”  My family had a great time.  When the night ended I thought about handing him a little money to help him with all he deals with in his life.  If I did most would say that is “illegal.”  This brings me to my comparison to America.

I have a question for you…Is it against the Law for me to give that young man some money?  If you said yes then it’s probably best if you go find another article to read.  If you said no, then who the hell is the NCAA to stop me from doing so?  Let me ask you another question.  If you drive 60 in a 55 zone have you broken the Law?  This question might be a little trickier.  The answer is still “No.”  Let me explain.

What is the declared Supreme Law of the Land?  It is the Constitution as ratified in 1791 with the associated Amendments (Bill of Rights).

Article 6 section II of the Constitution

“This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be made in Pursuance thereof; and all Treaties made, or which shall be made, under the Authority of the United States, shall be the supreme Law of the Land; and the Judges in every State shall be bound thereby, any Thing in the Constitution or Laws of any State to the Contrary notwithstanding.”

Anything that is contrary to this Law is VOID, including traffic tickets. (Marbury vs. Madison)

When you are arrested at a traffic stop or warrantless check-point the Fourth Amendment is ignored.  That makes everything that happens after a violation of Law.  The public servants who do this are the real criminals.

Just as the NCAA has created an alternate universe of “rules” they call “laws” the city governments have created “statutes” they call “laws.”  A subtle but effective trick in both instances.  One to get you the American to give up your unalienable Rights guaranteed pursuant to the Constitution to make you a servant of the “State.”  The other made to get the athlete to give up his Rights so that he can be taken advantage of and serve the NCAA.  Bottom line…both is about control and money.

So what if the athlete I was telling you about wanted to go get a job…use his ability and talent…and go do appearances at local car dealerships?  The NCAA says it is against the “LAW.”   If he does they will declare him ineligible, possibly strip his scholarship and greatly diminish his chances to ever make the NFL.  They manipulate him into subjection. So basically the NCAA has created this parallel universe that takes the talents of the kids and cultivates it to make money but won’t even allow them to use their own talent to make money outside the playing field.  Wow, impressive.  If there is a better definition of a “racket” I would like to see it.

I have heard the argument…”well, if we let the athlete go work at the car dealership then pretty soon boosters will be giving them cash and all hell will break loose.”  My question in return is…So?  Because of the possibility that something bad might happen then you take away the athlete’s Rights and penalize him for doing what exactly?  Does that line of thinking sound familiar?  It should.

Every day the government acts outside of true Constitutional Law and makes “rules” under the “Color of Law” to allegedly protect you so you don’t hurt yourself.  Gee thanks, I didn’t know I needed protection.  City governments live off of revenue generation and stealing from its People through the traffic court manipulation.  The NCAA lives off the ignorance of the young men wearing their jersey so they can sign 10 Billion dollar contracts.

Great lengths are taken to keep the illusion going.  The government is constantly reminding you about your driving habits.  The NCAA goes as far as insisting that athletes interviewed are called “student-athletes.”  They might as well put a logo on them that says; “Property of the NCAA.”  The courts the tournament games are played on are stripped of all advertising.  In one instance they perpetuate the illusion of amateur athletics and also limit the marketing opportunities so they can charge a premium.  Genius.  Both the NCAA and the State are masters at marketing.  Because traffic tickets and NCAA athletics are both businesses my friend.

We must understand that the Law of America is based on Natural Law that is based on morality designed to protect the “unalienable Rights endowed by our Creator.”  If you disagree with me I will prove it by asking a couple questions.  If I drive 70 in a 65 zone have I done anything wrong?  If a college athlete goes to a grand opening for a new restaurant and signs autographs for a fee has he done anything wrong?  Then how is either one of these things against the Law?

I know exactly how this can change in a New York minute.  What if the night before the NCAA championship game the athletes from both teams refused to play unless things changed?  What if all the other athletes followed suit in a show of solidarity?  How fast do you think those “laws” would change?  Yeah, real fast.

What if Americans refused to respond to any traffic tickets until the police honored the Constitution?  Yeah, real fast.  The power is in the People.  Just like the NCAA, the State doesn’t want you to realize that.  “You can’t fight city hall.”  A total lie.  You are city hall my friend.

*About the author:  Daniel Brigman is a political writer and author of the upcoming book, Forever 1776, on our Revolutionary past and connecting with and defending our Constitutional Republic today.  It is scheduled to be available on Patriots Day (April 19th, 2013) at

Daniel Brigman Cover blue Just Front Cover


Lebron James is a puppet of the Illuminati!


“Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws.” -Confucius

It’s not everyday you get a day of Vengeance but today is  King James’s lucky day!  Why because the City that I live in Rochester NY was snubbed by King James a few years back and now I find out that this guy is a Satanic traitor to humanity.  He is not the King James of the Bible, but its Lebron James the NBA player and is a puppet of the Illuminati.  As you will see from all the video and Photo’s that he is a member of a Satanic Secret Society that makes suckers out of guys who serve in that system by killing them in the end or making them pay with a blood sacrifice.  To belong to the secret organization it’s just a gang for people with a weak mind, brainwashed Suckers.  You know the last guy they called the King was found sitting on the throne in his bathroom killed by the Illuminati I suspect.  So good luck to you  Lebron James!  Hope you enjoy your fame till the Illuminati wants you dead, killed by your best friend or the next sucker who needs a blood sacrifice and your number will be up. 

 “There’s several different levels of Devil worshipping. Horse’s heads, human sacrifices, cannibalism, candles and exorcism. Willing to sacrifice anything for the life that they might steal from ya. Friends die for ya. But you can’t decipher ‘why?’ for the life of ya. Oh, and your best friend? Say bye-bye to him. What kinda apple you take a bite of, Slim?” – Eminem

The Illuminati is real, and it’s everywhere.

Read more:

This Section Copied from:

The Cleveland Cavaliers allowed Lebron James to sit out of a game against the Toronto Raptors last night. In fact, Larry Hughes and Donyell Marshall sat out as well. The Cavs used a starting lineup of Damon Jones, Eric Snow, Sasha Pavlovic, Drew Gooden and Zydrunas Ilgauskas. And if that fivesome doesn’t make your nipples hard, I don’t know what will.

Now, this would have been bad enough if it had happened in an NBA city, where the fans have a chance to see NBA action 41 other times (excluding the playoffs). But it didn’t. It happened in Rochester, New York. It was, in fact, the first game played in Rochester since 1981. And 25 years is a long time to wait for a screw job. It’s the basketball equivalent of cancelling Christmas by brutally murdering Santa Claus in front of the kids, then letting them celebrate Arbor Day instead. Unless Rochester is filled with hoards of crazed Sasha Pavlovic fans. And I’m guessing it’s not.

The game was heavily promoted, with Lebron being the promotiest promotion on the card. The Blue Cross Arena was packed. But it was announced prior to the game that, while Lebron was in attendance, he wouldn’t be playing. Naturally, the reporters mobbed him for a reason why. To which King James responded thusly:

“I got to focus on my health right now and how I feel. I can’t worry about if guys are looking forward to seeing me play or anything like that. I’m sorry for the fans here, but I’ve got to do what’s best for my team and my teammates.”

Real nice guy couldn’t even shoot one basket for the kids.  What can you expect from a guy who is a Satan Worshiper nothing but the worst of course.

This section Copied from:
By Christine Thomasos , Christian Post Reporter
February 26, 2013|11:47 am

Lebron James took to Instagram to share a photograph that left many questioning if he was a part of a secret society.

James, 28-year-old Miami Heat forward, posted an image of himself at LIV nightclub in Miami while wearing a shirt with a number of triangles with eyes placed inside of them. The symbol is associated with what many believe is a secret society called the Illuminati.

After James posted the image, a number of people speculated about his involvement in a secret society.

“I mean.. If that shirt isn’t illuminati.. I don’t know what is @KingJames,” one person tweeted to the basketball star.

Another individual tweeted the same sentiments saying, “Look at @KingJames most recent Instagram pic and tell me he isn’t part of the Illuminati.”

Other people attempted to figure out why James would possibly involve himself in a secret society.

Follow us

“Lebron James had a rough childhood so he traded his soul to theIlluminati to be rich and famous. #makessense,” the person tweeted.

However, some people came to the defense of the Miami Heat forward.

“It’s just a shirt people…a secret society such as, #illuminati are just that…’SECRET SOCIETY,'” the person tweeted. “They don’t advertise.”

Instead of take part in the debate, James simply captioned his photograph by writing, “with my bro @fwalker03. LIV on Sunday’s #rollwiththewinners.”

More than speculation about being a member of a secret society, James seemed to be bothered by the recent comparison between himself and NBA hall-of-famer Michael Jordan. The Twitter account for daily sports news television show SportsCenter, decided to pose the question, “Who wins a game of 1-on-1 in their prime: MJ or LeBron?”

After encouraging fans to vote on the answer, SportsCenter revealed that 66 percent of basketball fans that participated in the vote believed that Jordan would best James during his prime. However, James did not seem amused by the comparisons.

“I’m not MJ, I’m LJ,” James tweeted earlier this month.

Now’s there’s a t-shirt Lebron wore that stoked the flames:


It’s a war for your mind right now. These are real intense spiritual times we are in. Keep an open mind and educate yourself. Tupac was eliminated by the Illuminati for his stance against them.

  • Spades11092 1 year ago

    Lucifer’s All Seeing Eye & the triple 6’s is LeBron’s ritual before every game.. Although he may be in the Illuminati, he is thee best player in the league.. Kobe & Lebron are on a level called the Baphomen, Jay-Z may be a little above them both..

  • iamjodyjoe

    iamjodyjoe 1 year ago

    When Kobe changed his number from 8 to 24 smh 2+4=6 lebron 23 to 6

    dnrmafia 1 year ago

    • Shaq shows off his Freemason ring on live TV Kobe’s new Commercial is filled with masonic symbolism & Freemason members like Kanye west etc……only blind ppl would deny that this stuff is real.

P.S. it’s the back of Anthony Randolph’s head *Pause*
Heres the link for people who can’t view picture: http://www.operationsport…y-randolphs-haircut.html

Watch Kobe’s Illuminati commercial here:…

  • TRUTHblade777 1 year ago

    I wanted to expose this most recent Kobe Bryant commercial for what it is, and I have more concrete proof that completely proves Kobe Bryant is a Satanic Illuminati member, but YouTube blocked the video. Nike knew I would expose this. I’m gonna find a way to get this message out.

Don’t think this is real?…

Millions’s involved, educate yourself?………

Tupac’s death?………

Illuminati’s plans for us:…

Jay Z’s ties with Illuminati:…,dav…


I’ve found a website that discusses this link further. It seems to link him with Jay-Z a lot, some occult praying, number six stuff, etc.  This conspiracy theory sounds ridiculous at first but perhaps there’s more behind it than you originally thought…

Jay-Z and Lebron James “Illuminati” Handshake

Video of LeBron’s prayer ritual which he apparently does every game and throws up the pyramid and the number six hand gesture:

Kobe Bryant and LeBron James Illuminati members? Satanic rituals? Satanic hand signs?

Adam Kokesh and Poker Face Came to Rochester NY

Adam Kokesh and Poker Face Came to Rochester NY Saturday night for Rock The Primary 2012 a Ron Paul event

Unedited Uncut! with Daniel J Leach and Adam Kokesh at McGinny’s Sports Pub .

If you live near Rochester, you did not want to be anyplace else but McGinnys Sports Pub on East River Road for Rock The Primary Party from 6pm-midnight. Guest speaker Adam Kokesh and liberty protest band Poker Face for a Rocking good time.   Poker Face Played at “Rock The Primary” for the first time.   While Adam Kokesh of Adam VS the Man gave a inspirational speech in support of freedom Liberty and Dr Ron Paul for the 2012 Presidential run.   April 21, 2012 Poker Face performing April 21, 2012 in Rochester, NY at McGinny’s Sports Pub
Angela RH Adam is a wonderful person. We had a great time Saturday. It was a lot of planning and hard work but very much worth it.
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Adam Kokesh

Adam Charles Kokesh (born February 1, 1982) is an American activist and talk radio host. Kokesh was a Corporal in the United States Marine Corps Reserve and is a veteran of the Iraq War. He is an outspoken opponent of the U.S. military intervention in Iraq and has received media attention related to anti-war protest activities. He is the son of Charles Kokesh, a Santa Fe venture capitalist, founder of a firm called Technology Funding and owner of the Santa Fe Horse Park.

Marine Corps service

Kokesh attended the Native American Preparatory School in San Ysidro, New Mexico. He enlisted in the United States Marine Corps in 1999. In 2004, he served in Fallujah. He was a liaison between the U.S. military and Iraqi civilians as a member of the 3rd Civil Affairs Group. He also worked a security checkpoint while in Iraq. He brought home a pistol from Iraq in 2004 in violation of military rules, which prevented his return for a second Iraq tour. Kokesh “had risen to the rank of sergeant after three-and-a-half years in the Reserves” and “was demoted to corporal and soon thereafter discharged honorably with a re-enlistment code that basically said, ‘you can’t re-enlist.'” Having experienced combat in Fallujah, Kokesh received the Combat Action Ribbon and the Navy Commendation Medal after his honorable discharge from active duty.

Poker Face has been dubbed the leading truth/freedom band in the Union. Through the use of various multi-media sources, this four piece band has made it their mission to expose the lies & scandals coming out the Union’s Capitol. With a sound that is unmistakably their own, Poker Face mixes a variety of styles & orchestrations to take you on a true musical journey.
Paul Topete and crew are forever experimenting with new directions. The two previous albums releases focused mainly on developing their works around the keyboard. For the 3rd disc, they have set aside the ivories and focused on a more guitar oriented sound. This has enabled them to create a vibe similar to the acoustic hard rock sound of Alice in Chains or Days of the New, while keeping their roots firmly planted in the melodic classic rock stylings of Boston & Pink Floyd.
The information contained within the Sex, Lies and Politiks album is an in-depth look into the conspiracies and cover-ups committed by a government that serves the agendas of money hungry elitists the control the world, hell bent on domination of the human race.SLP is followed by Made in America. Where the interactivity of the MIA-CD grows exponentially. There are hours of ForeFather and Americas history to investigate, and explore, Pictures of the band, and videos to watch. It is chuck full of eye and ear candy for the parent and the child to see and hear. We made learning about our history FUN!The journey of exposure continues with the driving tunes on the latest album: PEACE OR WAR. Poker Face has released this new musically-explosive CD October of 2009.
Who Was Recently Harassed By FBI – Poker Face The Band
Written by YIKES

by Yikes

Why? Listen At: – Date: Tue. 4.6.10 – Time: 10:00 pm ET ~ 7:00 pm PT ~ Hosted by: John Clark ~ Is Protest ‘Rock’ Bad? ~ Be there or be Un-Aware! …        Why? Because patriotic groups play their music !!! The Hutaree 9. But ‘gangsta Rap’ Oh that’s OK?

Poker Face has been dubbed the leading truth/freedom band in the Union.  Through the use of various multi-media sources, this four piece band has made it their mission to expose the lies & scandals coming out the Union’s Capitol.  With a sound that is unmistakably their own, Poker Face mixes a variety of styles & orchestrations to take you on a true musical journey, while keeping their roots firmly planted in the melodic classic rock stylings of Boston & Pink Floyd.

The information contained within the Sex, Lies and Politiks album is an in-depth look into the conspiracies and cover-ups committed by a government that serves the agendas of money hungry elitists the control the world, hell bent on domination of the human race.

The journey of exposure continues with the driving tunes on the latest album: PEACE OR WAR. Poker Face has released this new musically-explosive CD January 2010.

Poker Face performing April 21, 2012 in Rochester, NY at MicGinny’s Sports Pub. For info go to this link

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