This is me, Sean Niemi. Or, at least, it WAS me. Last year when I was still an Army Combat Medic. I am a happily married man with 5 sons and 1 daughter. Yeah, I know… HUGE family! Anyway, until April 2, 2012 I was in the Army, I served 2 Combat deployments (1 each to Iraq and Afghanistan) and was doing something I loved… helping people be healthy. Unfortunately, I wasn’t very good at doing “the Army thing” and consistently informed my soldiers that the root problems to most of their aches and pains were unhealthy lifestyles. The Army wanted me to just treat the symptoms and send the guys back out to the front lines. I always looked for the underlying cause of their ailments and tried to help fix them. Imagine that! A medical professional actually trying to HEAL people instead of just masking their problems with drugs and medications. Needless to say, I wasn’t very popular with the HOOAH HOOAH types and once I requested a Religious Exemption from vaccines/immunizations I was threatened, (in more ways than one…. read my early posts on here for the whole sordid story), and eventually given my walking papers. I don’t necessarily see my current state as punishment. I see it more as an opportunity, an opportunity to finally tell the truth about what has happened to me. An opportunity to try and help others going through similar situations in their own lives. Good luck to all of you and …. Happy Reading.

This is my story of what I have been through while trying to exercise my Constitutionally guaranteed rights to not be vaccinated in accordance with my religious beliefs.

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All About Astragalus, The Cancer Fighter


(NaturalNews) Astragalus is a traditional Chinese medicinal herb that has been around for over 4,000 years. Astragalus is an adaptogenic, nontoxic herb and plant extract that helps the body resist the damaging effects of stress while restoring normal physiological function. Astragalus aids adrenal function, digestion, metabolism, combats fatigue and increases stamina. Astragalus is very effective in helping people with AIDS and has even proven to have an anti-tumor effect and can increase the efficacy of chemotherapy.

A native plant of China, astragalus is officially known as astragalus membranaceus: AKA Milk Vetch Root and Huang Qi. Astragalus is a perennial plant that grows up to 4 feet tall. The root of the plant has a sweet taste and contains choline, flavonoids, amino acids-gamma aminobutyric acid, canavanine, beta-sitosterol, saponins (astragalosides) and oil. The primary actions of astragalus are adaptogenic and immunomodulating. The secondary actions are anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, cardiotonic, diuretic and hepatoprotective.

Medicinal Use

Astragalus is an herb that has actions in nearly all of the body systems. It is used to treat chronic colds, Epstein Barr Virus, HIV and candida by preventing infection recurrence. Astragalus stimulates bone marrow blood cells while enhancing deep immune strength. Studies show that the polysaccharides in astragalus increase phagocytosis (the engulfing of microorganism invaders by the immune system), increase production of immunoglobulins and macrophages and modulate the pituitary-adrenal cortical activity. Astragalus protects the kidneys and lungs from damage from autoantibody complexes, regulates sweating, decreases fatigue and increases tolerance to stress.

Astragalus protects against oxidative damage by increasing mitochondrial function without increasing the mitochondrial oxygen consumption. In the liver, astragalus is a mild choleretic and also increases repairs in chronic viral hepatitis while reducing inflammation and othersymptoms. Astragalus also lengthens telomeres for longevity(TA 65 is a very pricey extract made from Astragalus that is touted to reduce all the effects of aging and mimics pretty much all the benefits of the inexpensive herb form of astragalus). Astragalus even increases motility of human sperm.

Astragalus is considered to be a cardiac tonic.In the cardiovascular system, the saponins in astragalus inhibit lipid peroxidation in the myocardium and one study using patients with angina revealed that cardiac output increased after two weeks of treatment. Astragalus strengthens left ventricular function and reduces free radical damage in patients after a heart attack and increases super oxide dismutase activity in cardiac muscle.

Astragalus: the unsung cancer fighter

Studies at the University of Houston have shown that astragalus can improve immune function in cancer patients by increasing T-cell counts. Astragalus increases the ability of NK cells and T-cells to kill cancer cells while switching on the anti-tumor activity of Interleukin-2. Inchemotherapy treatmentsastragalus provides anti-neoplastic activity anddecreasesimmunosupression. Astragalus reduces the consequences with both chemo and radiation of fatigue,weight loss, anemia, nausea and loss of strength while increasing WBC production for leucopenia (a common side effect of immunosuppressive therapy), thereby decreasing life-threatening infections.

Even though this incredible herb is listed on the Botanical Herbs Board Exams and in theCompendium of Pharmacological Actions of Medicinal Plants and Their Constituents, naming the benefits of astragalus can bring a warning letter from both the FDA and FTC, as Dr. Andrew Weil found out when he listed the benefits of taking astragalus to prevent the swine flu. So don’t expect to see any of this information on a vitamin or herb label. Despite what modern medicine and the FDA says, healing did occur long before pharmaceuticals were invented. True health comes by good foods, minerals, herbs, fasting and cleansing. Astragalus is a good guy for natural health!


Compendium of Pharmacological Actions of Medicinal Plants and Their Constituents, Compiled and copyrighted by Eric Yarnell, ND Actions of Medicinal Plants 2007 Eric Yarnell, ND

Zhang CZ, Wang SX, Zhang Y, Chen JP, Liang XM. “In vitro estrogenic activities of Chinese medicinal plants traditionally used for the management of menopausal symptoms.” J Ethnopharmacol 2005;98(3):295-300.

Nutrition 740 notes Spring 2006, Dr. Mona Morstein, SCNM

About the author:
Craig Stellpflug is a Cancer Nutrition Specialist, Lifestyle Coach and Neuro Development Consultant at Healing Pathways Medical Clinic, Scottsdale, AZ. With 17 years of clinical experience working with both brain disorders and cancer, Craig has seen first-hand the devastating effects of vaccines and pharmaceuticals on the human body and has come to the conclusion that a natural lifestyle and natural remedies are the true answers to health and vibrant living. You can find his daily health blog his articles and radio show archives

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Letter to Jerome Grasso, Legislative Associate at N.Y. State Senate: 12 LeRoy Girls Affected by Tics and Tourettes-Like Symptoms!


“A nation of well informed men who have been taught to know and prize the rightswhich God has given them cannot be enslaved.It is in the region of ignorance that tyranny begins.” Benjamin Franklin(1706-1790) US Founding Father

Hi Jay this is Daniel we spoke today about the 12 young Lady s from Leroy. I just wanted to say thanks for helping in our concerned citizen investigation we have found you to be helpful. I can tell your as sincere in your concerns as we are. First thing I want to tell you is that we are not interested in doing a hit peace on anyone or any organization. As you know I spoke to you about the vaccine connection to this epidemic that the mainstream media is ignoring.

The documentary that we are working on is going to present a alternative view of this epidemic that is happening in Leroy  Jay I have looked into this connection to bad vaccines and I believe it is our duty to be watchmen on the wall. “But if the watchman sees the sword coming and does not blow the trumpet, so that the people are not warned, and the sword comes and takes any one of them, that person is taken away in his iniquity, but his blood I will require at the watchman’s hand.” Ezekiel 33:6 As you see Jay we are just trying to do our duty in being good citizens and as a Dad my self my heart goes out to all the family who have been effected in this tragic event! How many more of our children must be hurt in order for the big Vaccine corporations to profit at our children s expense?Daniel J Leach Jr1(585)236-9858

Government Cover-Up of Tics and Tourettes-Like Symptoms at LeRoy, N.Y., High School!

One of the girls’ family member has, in an online forum, released a statement saying that her cousin indeed developed these symptoms just after receiving her third Gardasil shot and Flu Vaccine in Leroy, N.Y.


When the news first broke that 12 girls in LeRoy, NY, had suddenly been afflicted with neurological symptoms, many people suspected Gardasil as the cause. Yet, authorities stated that they had ruled out vaccines as a potential cause. But now, a family member of one of the girls has come forward in an online forum and stated that in fact her cousin did develop these symptoms right after receiving her third Gardasil shot. We are witnessing another vaccine damage coverup!

See Adverse Reactions: to HPV Vaccines 

All Copies made at Strong memorial Hospital Library Rochester NY

University of Rochester

601 Elmwood Ave
Rochester,NY14642 (map)
(585) 275-4673

PDF File of Gardasil HPV Vaccines PDR Insert PDR PHYSICIANS DESK REFERENCE 65 EDITION 2011 pg 2081

PDFPDF File of Gardasil HPV Vaccines PDR Insert PDR PHYSICIANS DESK REFERENCE 65 EDITION 2011 pg 2082

PDF File of Gardasil HPV Vaccines PDR Insert PDR PHYSICIANS DESK REFERENCE 65 EDITION 2011 pg 2083

PDF File of Gardasil HPV Vaccines PDR Insert PDR PHYSICIANS DESK REFERENCE 65 EDITION 2011 pg 2084

PDF File of Gardasil HPV Vaccines PDR Insert PDR PHYSICIANS DESK REFERENCE 65 EDITION 2011 pg 2085

PDF File of Gardasil HPV Vaccines PDR Insert PDR PHYSICIANS DESK REFERENCE 65 EDITION 2011 pg 2086

PDF File of Gardasil HPV Vaccines PDR Insert PDR PHYSICIANS DESK REFERENCE 65 EDITION 2011 pg 2087

PDF File of Gardasil HPV Vaccines PDR Insert PDR PHYSICIANS DESK REFERENCE 65 EDITION 2011 pg 2088

PDF File of Gardasil HPV Vaccines PDR Insert PDR PHYSICIANS DESK REFERENCE 65 EDITION 2011 pg 2089

PDF File of Gardasil HPV Vaccines PDR Insert PDR PHYSICIANS DESK REFERENCE 65 EDITION 2011 pg 2090

Adverse Reactions:

PDF File of Gardasil HPV Vaccines PDR Insert page 1014-1015 

OT – Leroy 12.. Gardasil much!?? – None/Select/Delayed Vaccinations – BabyCenter.

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My cousin is one of the girls. Once I heard what was going on with her I asked my dad if he knew if she had received the gardasil shot recently. He knew nothing about the shot or what it can do. So he called my Uncle and guess what? She had just had the third dose when her symptoms were so bad she could no longer walk. So far all of her doctors and specialists have denied that there could be any relationship. Rediculous. and worse her parents, according to my dad, had no idea that gardasil could lead to any of those symptoms. Sooo glad I looked into vaxing when I did and stopped with my ODS and do not vax my other children. I can’t believe this is news you all have heard of!
Adam Curry’s Gitmo Nation News Feed

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We at the Anti New World Order Party believe that Erin Brockovich is being brought in to take your eye off the ball and to be a distraction from the big picture and thats obviously the poison in the Vaccines!  Id like to see all of the girls who have been infected by this illness come out in the open and say weather they have taken any of the Vaccines in the last 12 months.  If your a family Member or are a friend of one of these girls I would like to interview them about the Vaccines that they took.  Together we can expose this Cover up by the government and have those responsible for this cover up brought to justice!

National environmental groups such as one led by environmental activist Erin Brockovich, and others are in LeRoy this weekend to launch their own investigation. Brockovich’s team visited the LeRoy Junior-Senior High School on Saturday, and other parts of the town to get some ground samples they believe could shed some light on why a cluster of female students at the school developed tics, twitches and verbal outbursts last fall. One incident they are focusing on is a train derailment that happened near the high school 40-years ago. The industrial solvent trichlorothene, also known as “TCE” was spilled in the derailment 3 miles from the school. Environmental Investigator Bob Bowcock said, “I understand this school was built on old swamp lands so if you’ve reconfigured the ground water aquifer capability of breaching the surface, all those different things could have caused a released of the “TCE” into the surface environment from the subsurface environment.” School Superintendent Kim Cox stopped by the school to issue this statement saying, “Certainly anything that’s being taken, samples or anything being taken in the nature of this would be considered invalid because its not going through the appropriate protocols, and the district is working to do that an so that’s where our statement is.” School Superintendent Kim Cox……

Vaccination Liberation – Information

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